Wednesday, August 17, 2005

KNOPPIX 4.0 Live DVD @

Man, I can't express how happy I was to see this post from

The first public release of the KNOPPIX 4.0 Live DVD, with many updates over the LinuxTag edition, is now available for download. From the changelog: 'V4.0DVD-2005-08-16. Project split into DVD and CD edition; 2.0 build 104 (English/German); lots and lots of package updates; bugfixes: floppyconf, knoppix-installer; kernel update; KDE 3.4.1 from Debian experimental; added development packages: Eclipse, Mono; added most kde-i18n languages from unstable; added Knoppix books and Open Source Jahrbuch; added m23 software distribution system; added Knoppix menu item for setting root password; added alternative desktops: GNOME, Ratpoison, XFce, Openbox; replaced Mozilla with Firefox and Thunderbird....' Download: KNOPPIX_V4.0DVD-2005-08-16-DE.iso (3,170MB, SHA1), KNOPPIX_V4.0DVD-2005-08-16-EN.iso (3,170MB, SHA1); also available via BitTorrent.

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