Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Begger Udates Encode360

Encode360, the next step in video transcoding

Encode360 is a slightly more automated method to re-encoding media to WMV compatible with the Xbox 360 than the previous wme360 batch file.

Some features:

* Automatically checks for necessary components (FFMpeg, FFDShow, WMCMD)
* Automatically determines the correct FPS to use when encoding
* Point the script at a folder and it'll encode all valid video file formats (Tested against Xvid and Divx. Others might have problems, but we can look into these as they happen)
* Drop a file onto it, and it'll encode just that file
* Select multiple files and drag/drop - it'll process them sequentially
* Ability to move encoded files to a separate folder
* Ability to move processed files to a separate folder

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