Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Linux a Try

If you are interested in trying Linux but afraid of not having the software you need....I've been using Linux for years now and absolutely love it. Though i am not anti-Microsoft (I have a MS based PC and 2 Linux based PC's) I strongly suggest giving Linux a try. Visit Distrowatch to find your flavor. As soon as i can find the money between taking care of my beautiful twin daughters, running my business and VERY expensive gas cost to get to the office I'll buy a Power Mac....until then

The Linux Equivalent Project

or head over to Linux Distribution Chooser


What Difference Does It Make?!?!? said...

Finally ... FINALLY I'm going to give Linux a try ... but it looks like there's hundreds of Distros .... Is there some type of Q&A filtering page on a website that I can go to that will help me pick 1 or a couple to try?

Jeff Thomas III said...

head over to Linux Distribution Chooser at

Its a good start. You can just answer a few questions and it will give you a suggested distros to try. my personal favorite is Slax